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    Delivery First! Keyi Persists at the New Year's Pass
    date:2023/4/13 10:49:48 browse:945次

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    The bell of the Year of the Tiger is about to ring, and while everyone is on their way home, Keyi people are still diligent and steadfast in their duties, only to complete the delivery to customers on time and with quality.

    At the same time, various functional centers are also working side by side on the front line. They sacrificed the time spent with their families to ensure a service attitude of "100% delivery, timely delivery, and efficient delivery", striving to control production and delivery within the shortest time frame. They have sounded the call of "100% delivery" in 2022 with practical actions, which will be the common goal of all Keyi people in 2022 and the supreme promise we have made to our customers in 2022.
    It is precisely with such a group of Koyi people who view the company as a family, customers as relatives, and production tasks as military orders that we can efficiently deliver for over ten years, always completing tasks 100%, and saving a lot of valuable time for customer engineering progress.
    On the eve of the New Year, Mr. Chen Zhongyi, the "big parent" of Keyi, came to the central factory in Wuhu with kind care for his employees and came to the front line of the workshop to visit and comfort all the Keyi families who were still busy on the production line. The chairman visited various production lines and inspected the production progress one after another, highly praising everyone's spirit of prioritizing production and delivery, and distributing big red envelopes with a strong sense of New Year to everyone. All comrades who received this message were excited and couldn't help but smile brightly.

    At Keyi, employees take pride in the company, always meticulously completing production tasks with craftsmanship, ensuring quality, quantity, and timeliness. They have always strictly demanded themselves with high standards, and are an iron army of Keyi that has won countless battles. In addition to the hardworking employees of the Wuhu Central Factory, there are also frontline employees of other factories of Keyi located all over the country. Thank you for your perseverance. The development of the enterprise cannot be separated from a tenon and a tenon. It is with your full support and cooperation that Keyi's thriving prosperity is achieved.

    Service first, every promise counts. This is an unchanging principle that every Keyi person keeps in mind. Regardless of external conditions, Keyi people always prioritize delivery! The delivery date set by the customer is our breakthrough signal. Even if there are difficulties and dangers, Keyi people will overcome them and insist on delivering high-quality products to the customer before the scheduled delivery date.
    Believe what you say, and achieve what you do. Keyi will never forget its original intention and insist on providing customers with the fastest and best service. Keyi people will never forget their original intention and adhere to producing high-quality products through practical actions, giving back the love of customers for Keyi. May Keyi reach the peak together in 2022, and work together to make great progress!

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