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    Keyi was established in 2006, with its headquarters located in the Xinwu Economic Development Zone in Wuhu, Anhui. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to promoting the modernization of China's housing industry. It has applied for 219 patents (157 of which are authorized for maintenance, 62 of which are being accepted), and won the titles of "Domestic Housing Industrialization Base", "Domestic Prefabricated building Industry Base", "Domestic High tech Enterprise", "Anhui Construction Industry Modernization Demonstration Base", "Anhui Construction Industrialization Base", "Enterprise Technology Research and Development Center", etc, And has passed international quality system and environmental system certification, and has actively participated in the compilation of many domestic and local standards and research projects for many years.
    At present, the company takes the integrated bathroom, integrated kitchen and prefabricated wallboard as the core, has a complete R&D, production and sales capacity of nine systems of prefabricated interior decoration, serves school and enterprise apartments, support rooms, hardbound rooms, hotel apartments and medical care projects, and has formed strategic cooperation with Geely College, Nanjing University, Dushu Lake Higher Education, Harbin Cambridge College, Vanke, Longhu, Country Garden, etc. for many years in a row, We provide comprehensive solutions for prefabricated interior components for residential use in more than 30 countries and regions across China and even the world's five continents.
    Keyi always adheres to producing products that can help users create value, reduce energy consumption and emissions during the construction and use of residential buildings, and strive to accelerate construction efficiency by 70%! Reduce construction and decoration waste by 90%! Material savings of 30%! Optimize people's living quality and create better social, economic, and environmental benefits.
    In order to balance the needs of human and natural development, Keyi focuses on the core of green building development, adheres to the "Hongyun 2025" environmental protection concept, returns to the original intention of "fearing nature, customers, and every part", spares no effort to create a harmonious and beautiful living environment, practices the industrial strategic layout planning of "500 km one factory, 2 hours distribution", and puts into operation Anhui Wuhu Industrial Park, Jiangsu Suzhou Xiangcheng Industrial Park, and Hubei Guangshui Industrial Park, Hebei Hengshui Industrial Park, Chongqing Rongchang Industrial Park, and Guangdong Longchuan Industrial Park have completed the whole industrial chain layout of China's assembled interior parts.
    Keyi adheres to the core values of "achieving excellence in one thing for a lifetime", with the development vision of "becoming a service provider for prefabricated interior components in China", and is determined to move forward, promoting the healthy development of China's housing industry!
    development history
    development history
    In August, Keyi was officially established
    Assistance in building the Wenchuan disaster area in May
    In June, Keyi Suzhou Industrial Park was put into operation
    In December, Keyi became a global integrated bathroom supplier of Toyoko Inn
    In March, Keyi signed a cooperation agreement with Japan's Housetec
    In May, Keyi Suzhou Xiangcheng Industrial Park was completed and put into operation
    In October, Keyi Suzhou Xiangcheng Industrial Park was completed and put into operation
    In November, Keyi was awarded the title of "Domestic Housing Industrialization Base" by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development
    The first phase of Anhui Wuhu Industrial Park was officially put into operation in December
    In January, the production line of Keyi integrated kitchen products was completed and put into operation
    February Keyi provided bathroom solutions for the "Antarctic Scientific Research Mount Taishan Station"
    In November, the integrated interior decoration system of Keyi was officially launched
    In May, Keyi was awarded the title of Industrial Modernization Demonstration Base in Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces
    In December, Keyi won the certification of intellectual property management system
    In January, Keyi Suzhou Residential Experience Hall was put into operation
    In December, it won the recognition of "domestic Prefabricated building industrial base"
    New launch of Keyi integrated kitchen in March
    In July, Keyi officially launched the Zoe+prefabricated interior system
    Initiate domestic layout and officially sign contracts for the construction of four major industrial parks: Hubei Guangshui, Hebei Hengshui, Guangdong Longchuan, and Chongqing Rongchang
    In March, Keyi Chongqing Rongchang Industrial Park started construction and laid the foundation
    The ceremony for the automatic production line of Keyi ceramic thin plate review was successfully held in June
    In December, the three major industrial bases of Guangshui in Hubei, Hengshui in Hebei, and Longchuan in Guangdong were successively put into operation
    In February, Keyi assisted in the construction of Wuhan's "Two Mountains" Hospital
    In June, Keyi released the "Hongyun 2025" strategic plan
    In August, Keyi helped China International Solar Decathlon Competition
    In November, Keyi assisted in the China Winter Olympics
    In January, we devoted ourselves to supporting the construction of health stations in various parts of China
    Keyi Craftsmanship year
    New materials
    New materials
    SMC composite material is an unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced sheet molded plastic, which is molded at high temperature in one go. It has advantages such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, fire resistance, and compression resistance. SMC material has close molecular structure, no micropores on the surface, no dirt, and is convenient to clean. Green and low-carbon, with a warm texture.
    Commonly known as ceramic thin plate, it is a new type of prefabricated ceramic tile facing composite plate material made of ceramic panels as the decorative layer, metal profiles as the frame, and composite back plates. It not only retains the true essence of ceramic materials, but also has the advantage of lightweight assembly.
    PSC composite board is a new type of prefabricated composite board with ceramic veneer as the surface layer, adhesive layer in the middle, and calcium silicate board (SC board) as the back plate.
    VCM material, commonly known as color steel plate, is a new type of prefabricated plate made by using PET/PVC film coated steel plate as the surface layer and using a mold to composite aluminum honeycomb and back plate. The material is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, has strong corrosion resistance, is easy to process and shape, and has a rich variety of colors, comparable to the surface texture of wood veneer and stone.
    calcium silicate
    Calcium silicate board is a non combustible A-grade material with excellent fire resistance and excellent waterproof performance. It can maintain stable performance in high humidity spaces without expansion or deformation. The board has good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, stable performance, high toughness, solid and reliable walls, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to corrode, and will not be damaged by moisture or insects and ants, ensuring an ultra-long service life.
    Company Qualifications
    Company Qualifications
    Authorized patents and works
    Among them, invention patents
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    Wuhu Keyi Residential Equipment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
    No. 5288, Dongwan Road, Xinwu Economic Development Zone, Wuhu City, Anhui Province

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