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    Yilu Forward, Join Hands with Vanke to Build a Quality New Life!
    date:2023/4/13 10:06:17 browse:766次

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    On September 28, 2021, the "house inspection before delivery" observation activity of the Jinan Housing and Construction System was held at the Wanke Quanxue Village project in the high-tech zone. As a partner of Vanke Good, Keyi has successfully delivered 1200 sets of integrated bathrooms with its comprehensive advantages in the field of prefabricated interior decoration, such as high-quality products, efficient construction, and high-quality services. It has helped Vanke Quanxue Li project accelerate the establishment of a benchmark in Jinan and promote demonstration and promotion.

    △Observation meeting site
    Through the housing delivery mode of "house inspection before house delivery", real estate enterprises can further enhance their quality awareness and build Taguchi methods, which is conducive to promoting the high-quality development of the housing industry. Based on quality, the quality requirements for suppliers are particularly strict. Keyi has always adhered to the principle of "quality first" during the construction process, providing customers with better overall bathroom solutions. The overall bathroom delivered in this project adopts Keyi ceramic sheet composite technology, which is green and environmentally friendly, with beautiful finishes, good texture, thin and lightweight. It can be selected in a variety of colors and can adapt to different home styles, and can correctly meet the various functional and appearance requirements of the bathroom in the refined decoration real estate, creating a high-quality bathroom space.

    △Real photos of the delivery site
    The smooth delivery of this project demonstrates the strong comprehensive strength of Keyi in various aspects such as research and development, production, and sales. At present, Keyi is based on six major factories: Anhui Wuhu Industrial Park, Central China Hubei Guangshui Production Base, North China Hebei Hengshui Production Base, South China Guangdong Longchuan Production Base, Southwest Chongqing Rongchang Production Base, and Jiangsu Xiangcheng Industrial Park. Its service scope runs from north to south and spans from west to east, and its product categories cover multiple aspects such as overall bathrooms and bathroom cabinets. With high-quality overall bathroom products and complete production and delivery processes, Successfully entered millions of bathrooms.
    Keyi and Vanke have reached strategic cooperation for many years. The successful cooperation of the Jinan Quanxue Li project is a recognition of Keyi's product strength by the hardcover real estate industry, and further promotes the friendly cooperation process between the two sides. In the future, Keyi will continue to increase its research and development efforts, innovate the overall bathroom products that meet the needs of the times, deeply cultivate quality services, take improving the quality of public living as its own responsibility, always walk in the forefront of the industry wave, lead the prefabricated interior decoration industry to gradually increase Market penetration, and promote the upgrading of domestic housing industrialization.

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