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    Urban renewal | prefabricated bathroom brings new opportunities
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    On August 30th, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development officially issued the "Notice on Preventing Major Demolitions and Construction Issues in Implementing Urban Renewal Actions" (Jian Ke [2021] No. 63), which was only 21 days after the publication of the draft for soliciting opinions. Urban renewal is undoubtedly a hot topic of concern for all sectors this year, which is related to future urban development and the quality of life of everyone. We should consider this market opportunity comprehensively in conjunction with the macro policy environment.
    >>>>National Policy | Urban Renewal Imperative

    Since 2019, "urban renewal" has been put on the Central Economic Work Conference, listed in the 14th Five Year Plan and the long-term goal of 2035, and upgraded to a domestic strategy. But also belonging to the domestic strategy is the principle of "housing without speculation", which has been reiterated by the central government since 2016. Therefore, in the process of promoting urban renewal, in order to prevent the tendency of "excessive real estate", in the two models of comprehensive renovation (corresponding to "retention and renovation") and demolition and reconstruction (corresponding to "demolition"), the former, which is more encouraged by the central government, is not difficult to speculate that urban renewal mainly based on comprehensive renovation will become the main way of urban renewal in recent years.
    >>>>Means | Advantages of prefabricated transformation
    The Notice on Preventing Major Demolitions and Construction Issues in the Implementation of Urban Renewal Action clearly requires cities to "adhere to the principle of retaining as much as possible and strive to preserve urban memories" in urban renewal and renovation. Repairing and repairing old factory areas, commercial areas, and residential areas without damaging existing buildings is a challenging task for promoting urban renewal. How to renovate old buildings? How to ensure the quality of renovated housing and the interior environment? How to control costs while conducting large-scale old renovation? All these problems urgently require solutions.

    Exploring sustainable renewal models is the path that the residential component industry always adheres to. At present, Prefabricated building and interior decoration are strongly advocated in China. Because of their unique construction methods, low labor costs, stable quality, and low carbon and environmental characteristics, they have gradually become an important part of urban renewal. With the development of the times and the change of technology, the prefabricated industry in China has achieved rapid progress, especially in the field of prefabricated decoration. With the promotion of refined decoration, it has become a hot topic of attention in the interior decoration industry. In family life, bathroom is the most frequently used space, and the quality of bathroom decoration often determines the level of quality of life. When renovating old residential areas, using prefabricated bathrooms to replace traditional bathrooms can demonstrate significant advantages over traditional bathrooms in the following aspects.
    Good material performance: At present, the fabricated sanitary ware mostly uses polymer composites such as SMC/VCM/PHC, among which SMC is the most widely used one, with the characteristics of anti-aging, non discoloration, wear resistance, touch warmth, thermal insulation, green formaldehyde free, low water absorption, etc., with a service life of more than 20 years, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, safe insulation, low carbon and energy saving;
    Stable quality: The prefabricated bathroom adopts an industrial production mode, and all components are produced in batches in the factory, with unified quality, and there is no problem of poor controllability of traditional bathroom quality;
    Construction efficiency: Traditional bathroom decoration requires at least 2 weeks of work, and the process is complex. Prefabricated bathroom components can be directly assembled on-site, with a minimum of 4 hours to complete, and can be installed and used immediately. This can greatly shorten the work period during the old renovation process;
    Labor cost: Traditional decoration construction includes steps such as water and electricity renovation, wall tiling and flooring construction, ceiling construction, sanitary ware installation, water and electricity installation, etc. The labor cost is high, and the prefabricated bathroom only requires 2 people to assemble, which can greatly reduce labor costs;
    Long service life: Traditional ceramic tiles are prone to cracking, peeling, and hollowing, with a service life of about 5-8 years. The prefabricated bathroom is structurally assembled and sturdy, with a service life of up to 20 years;
    Procurement method: Traditional bathroom procurement materials are numerous and complex, and the cost is high. Prefabricated bathroom products and services are produced, purchased, installed, and maintained by a single supplier, with high efficiency and low cost.

    >>>>Bottleneck | Transition from B2B to B2C
    The prefabricated bathroom industry has always cooperated with major real estate, hotel, apartment and other enterprises in a B2B model. As prefabricated bathroom products are produced in batches by factories and then assembled on-site, the size specifications of the same batch of bathroom products are all consistent. Generally, the internal layout specifications of real estate and hotel enterprises' houses are the same and have standardized dimensions, Prefabricated bathroom can achieve a good fit with such enterprises. At present, the development speed of the B-end is relatively slow, and the construction of the C-end is difficult, which has become a bottleneck for the development of the prefabricated bathroom industry.
    Variability of building unit types: China's building unit types are complex and varied, and different specifications of bathrooms require different molds, making it impossible to quickly produce corresponding specifications of bathrooms for different unit types;
    High cost of molds: If all household specifications in China are to be met, molds will be constantly replaced, and a large number of molds will account for more than half of the value of production equipment, significantly increasing production costs;
    Public consumption concept: The current consumption habits of the public still tend to traditional decoration, and most people are not familiar with or have never heard of the concept of prefabricated bathroom. The acceptance of new decoration methods is not high, which is very unfavorable for the promotion of prefabricated bathroom C-end.

    >>>>Breaking the situation | vigorously developing the C-end market
    When in a difficult situation, seeking a breakthrough and working together to break through will bring vitality. The prefabricated bathroom industry is currently facing development bottlenecks, and only by finding appropriate solutions can we work together to promote industry development and assist in industrial upgrading.
    Promote the development of prefabricated housing: As China continues to encourage the development of Prefabricated building industry, the assembly rate of buildings in various regions has gradually increased, forcing developers to actively promote the development of prefabricated housing. The household prefabricated bathroom market has also rapidly expanded and has more development space;
    Developing personalized customization: In response to the different style needs of C-end customers, prefabricated bathroom enterprises also need to adapt to the situation and vigorously develop personalized customization. For example, changes in the internal layout design of bathrooms and the increase in color film covering styles can further enhance the aesthetic level of public bathroom spaces;
    Accelerate the standardization of house types: In recent years, in order to speed up turnover efficiency and save research and development costs, real estate enterprises have also actively started to implement the standardization of house types, so that prefabricated bathroom enterprises can develop molds for mainstream house types. The number of orders for single molds has increased, and it will no longer be a dream for prefabricated bathroom to enter thousands of households;
    Good learning experience: Prefabricated bathroom originated in Japan and currently has a penetration rate of over 90% in Japan, with a concentrated market share. After more than 50 years of development, the proportion of C-end consumers has gradually increased, and the development of the prefabricated bathroom consumer market is relatively mature. In comparison, there is still a lot of room for development in China, and the entire industry needs to actively learn mature experiences through various forms such as domestic research and inviting foreign experts to give lectures, in order to promote the upgrading of the domestic prefabricated bathroom industry;
    Increase publicity efforts: The premise for the public to accept prefabricated bathroom is that they have a sufficient understanding of the concept and advantages of prefabricated bathroom. Based on this, in the face of the huge C-end market in China, we need to increase publicity efforts and adopt effective methods, such as exhibitions, lectures, etc., to make the public aware of prefabricated bathrooms and transform from a refusal to actively accept.

    Urban renewal is at the forefront of the waves, like a small boat sailing in the sea, and prefabricated decoration is like a pair of oars, which is a powerful assistant to promote the renewal process and stabilize the quality of renewal. Prefabricated bathroom is an indispensable and important part of prefabricated decoration. In the current era of difficulties and the need to innovate, seizing the opportunity to break through and break through is an unshirkable responsibility of all our prefabricated counterparts. The future development of cities still depends on our efforts to move forward!

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