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    The "2021 White Paper on the Development of Prefabricated Bathrooms" compiled by Keyi Association has been released!
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    On August 3-5, 2021, the 10th Guangdong New Building Industrialization and Prefabricated building Exhibition was held in Guangzhou. Keyi was invited to participate in this exhibition, presenting assembled bathroom products with both quality and taste in Guangzhou, bringing visitors a high-level exhibition of the bathroom industry.

    On August 4th, the first white paper in the prefabricated bathroom industry, the 2021 White Paper on the Development of Modular Bathrooms, was officially released. As a co editor of the 2021 White Paper on the Development of Modular Bathrooms, Keyi was invited to attend the release ceremony.

    After the joint efforts of industry authoritative institutions and many heavyweight enterprises and platforms, this industry white paper has been successfully released. Establishing a macro perspective in the overall bathroom industry, clearly presenting the market pattern, sorting out the underlying logic of the industry, providing strategic layout reference for the overall bathroom enterprise, application parties, and investors, and incorporating innovative technology and process cases of brand enterprises, providing a reference direction for research and development.

    At the release ceremony, industry leaders gathered together to speak up and engage in a round table dialogue of ideas collision. The on-site innovative viewpoints were exciting and diverse, and academic analysis was comprehensive. We have conducted in-depth discussions on the future development direction, trend, pattern, innovation, and other aspects of the overall bathroom industry. The overall bathroom industry has become a new field that cannot be ignored and has broad prospects.

    The overall bathroom is rising like the sun

    Low labor cost and high cost-effectiveness
    In recent years, with the continuous increase in human resource costs in China, the labor dividend has begun to subside, and the cost of labor has continued to rise. The overall cost-effectiveness advantage of sanitary ware has gradually emerged. Traditional bathroom decoration requires multiple workers to cooperate with each other, and wet operation consumes too much time. However, overall bathroom generally only requires two trained professional workers, who use dry construction to efficiently complete the decoration, greatly shortening the construction time and saving a lot of labor costs.

    Responding to carbon neutrality, green and environmentally friendly
    Recently, the State Council has broken down and deployed tasks related to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, which have become a key issue of concern to the entire society. Carbon reduction means that the industry will face innovation in production methods, technological level, material selection, and business models. The prefabricated bathroom adopts a factory prefabricated component and on-site dry assembly decoration method, which can effectively reduce the noise and dust pollution caused by on-site construction, and also greatly reduce the discharge of decoration waste and waste. The convenience, green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly advantages brought by prefabricated bathrooms are gradually becoming prominent, and are increasingly recognized by developers and homeowners.

    The overall bathroom industry has ushered in new opportunities in the new era, and Keyi will actively respond to domestic policy calls in this round of new opportunities. On the one hand, we will increase our efforts in technological research and development, accelerate product updates, strive to innovate components and processes that meet the development of the times, emphasize high quality, ensure high standards, and strictly demand service quality; On the other hand, adhering to a good design standard, centered around human living experience and based on diverse experience in prefabricated bathroom design, we aim to build infinite possibilities for future bathroom life.

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